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DNA of Multdisiciplinar Congresses

September 2016

Once back to school after the holidays, we have the privilege to announce a new project for our company. The interdisciplinary Congress on Human Genetics. Our relationship with Human Genetics is frequent since long time ago. Congresses, Associations, web sites, social networks, mass media , continuing education , workshops among others make this event projects and combines all that is needed to end up as a relevant scientific and successful meeting.

There are eight months left for Madrid and Novotel Madrid Center to host a new concept of Genetics related meetings in our country. There are five associations organizing the congress: The Society of Human Genetics (AEGH), The Spanish Association of Prenatal Diagnosis(AEDP),The Spanish Society of Human Genetics and Clinical Dysmorphology (SEGCD) , The Spanish Society of Genetic counseling (SEAGen)and the Spanish Society of Pharmacogenetics and Pharmacogenomics (SEFF). All of them have selected our company to develop this educational project. Thank you all for their trust.

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