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Grupo Geyseco | Aims
Planning, Execution and Economic Profitability
After three decades organising congresses in the healthcare field and as managers of and consultants to over 20 medical societies, our company has put together an infrastructure of technical and human resources and know-how capable of providing scientific associations and congresses with an efficient, profitable and innovative model for management, development, and procurement of resources for each of their projects.

We have come a long way, exceeding each year's stated targets, in specialisation in medical science, growth, new services in medical society management, etc. so that today we can face our latest challenge, which is to achieve the maximum excellence and ever greater resources in every project undertaken thanks to technical improvements, innovation and quality.

The key concepts that govern our day-to day work (technical improvement, innovation, quality, planning, profitability, control) are all focussed on one goal: the success of your project.

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