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A must Paradigm

October 16

In May, Barcelona will be the setting for the annual National Neurosurgery Congress (SENEC). Like in August , (that holy month in which everything seems to be beaches, mountains, holidays and relax) we visualize the design of a new project entrusted to our company for 2017. +info

AEGH, a society with an especial DNA

November 12

It is well known that genetics is the present and the future of science and medicine. And, from now on, AEGH (“Asociación Española de Genética de Humana”, that is, Spanish Association of Human Genetics) have chosen Grupo Geyseco as its consulting team in order to professionalize the institution. +info

Universal Management, global success. Next stop: Turin,(It). October 2012

October 12

As years go by, the presence of Grupo Geyseco at an International level is more active, both in the management of Congress organization and in that of Scientific Associations. +info

Geyseco Congress Market Trend for 2017

December 16

We could not be more proud of our achievements for this year that is about to end. The different teams that work in the company are really grateful to our clients for their trust. Most of them already belong to Geyseco ´s universe and those that are working with us for the first time in 2017 are almost considered as part of our “ Geyseco´s family". +info

Worldwide Scientific Epicenter

September 16

In some months time, in Toledo it will be held one of the most important well-known scientific events. WorldLeish, the Worldwide Congress of Leshmaniasis. This is the new assignment for the organizational profile of Grupo Geyseco as Professional Congress Organizer. This is an event with a remarkable scientific acknowledgement. It is hold every 4 years and organizations such as WHO and Bill Gates Foundation are involved. +info

How to make a congress grow year after year. Epidemiology & Geyseco

September 16

Year by year the Congress of the Spanish Society of Epidemiology (SEE) (which Technical Secretariat is managed by Grupo Geyseco ) has excellent results. This regular growth is not just a question of fate but of balancing a great team in the society management, in their educational processes. It is also a customer that has confidence and works in the appropriate direction to give a professional status to any of their landmarks. +info
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